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ASCII to raster conversion - error 010067

Question asked by chp204 on Jan 14, 2015



I'm trying to convert part of the Met Office's HadISST1 data from the format it downloaded in (.txt files, ASCII) to a raster format so that I can actually see and interpret the data (at the moment it's a lot of numbers which don't make any coherent sense in Notepad or Excel). However, when I run the ASCII to raster conversion tool in ArcMap's toolbox, I get error 010067; it fails to execute the grid expression.


I believe the header information should be in it, but can only see the number of rows and columns (but it may be hidden in there somewhere and just isn't labelled, I'm not sure). According to previous queries for float to raster conversion the header information should be as stated in this link for float to raster; does that still apply if it's ASCII to raster?

36717 - ERROR 010067: Error in executing grid expression. Failed to execute (FloatToRaster)


Secondly, any suggestions as to how to solve this error would be very much appreciated as I have a deadline looming...!


Many thanks,