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Help GIS Tutorial for Python Scripting ex 2.3

Question asked by c_krider on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by c_krider

I recently purchased David Allen's GIS tutorial and I'm stuck on exercise 2.3. The objective is to buffer multiple paths with variable buffer distances based on the length of the path -step 7 (I'm stuck here). The exercise uses a search cursor to go through each path and buffer accordingly. The data are available with the book here. I know the buffer line is incorrect, it needs to call fcName and wellBuffDist.


It would be helpful to see the full script...if anyone has already completed this exercise. Thanks.



  import arcpy

  from arcpy import env

  env.workspace = r"C:\EsriPress\GISTPython\Data\City of Oleander.gdb\Well_Data"

  env.overwriteOutput = True

  fcName = "BC_South_3H_Path"

  wellCursor = arcpy.da.SearchCursor(fcName,["Shape_Length"])

  for row in wellCursor:

    drillLength = row[0]

  def wellBuffDist(drillLenght, wellBuffDist):

    if drillLenght < 3000:

      wellBuffDist = 75

    elif drillLenght >= 3000 and drillLenght < 4000:

      wellBuffDist = 175


      wellBuffDist = 300

# Replace a layer/table view name with a path to a dataset (which can be a layer file) or create the layer/table view within the script

# The following inputs are layers or table views: "BC_South_3H_Path"

  arcpy.Buffer_analysis(in_features="BC_South_3H_Path",out_feature_class="C:/EsriPress/GISTPython/MyExercises/Scratch/Temporary Storage.gdb/SelectionBuffer",buffer_distance_or_field="300 feet",line_side="FULL",line_end_type="ROUND",dissolve_option="NONE",dissolve_field="#")

  print "great job!"


  print "do over"