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Two questions about labels and annotation

Question asked by mothman0 on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2015 by mothman0

I'm using Arcmap 10.2.2 and I'm struggling with labels/annotation.


I can get my map document labels (Maplex) close to how I want them, but I still struggle with some unwanted overlap.


Question #1 - Primarily I'm struggling with two different layers' label, and layer A's labels overlapping layer B's labels.


I've tried playing with the label weights (feature weight and 'polygon boundary weight') but I don't believe I understand how that works.  Altering the various weights (sometimes) results in the labels moving relative to underlaying features, but I'm unclear on how (or if) editing the weights actually impacts a layer A label overlapping a layer B label?  Or are the weights only affecting how a label interacts with actual features (but not other labels)??



Question #2 - Having played with weights and lucked into a situation where 90% of the labels are OK, and 10% need to be adjusted, I've converted the labels to annotation, intending to then manually move the offending labels.  However, when I convert to annotation (within current extent, stored in the map), the result is ALL of the newly created annotation moves on creation (appear to move to the center of the polygons being labelled), with the result being that now almost all of that annotation needs to be manually moved.


I'm assuming that the intended behavior is that the new annotation stays where it was placed as a dynamic label, and that I only have to move a few manually... but that's not what's happening.  Am I missing something?