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Is it better to share "application" registered in AGOL between WAB-dev edition developers, or separate?

Question asked by rastrauch Champion on Jan 13, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2015 by rastrauch

In our enterprise ArcGIS Online site, we will have multiple developers that will be using Web Application developers addition. Since I was the first to install/use and register with ArcGIS Online, the "Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS" web-mapping-application was created under my "My Content", with my computer registered for the redirect (with help from the "correct" answer here: Re: Migration Migraine ).  All works for me.  I was also able to add a second machine that I work on, and that also works for me.


However, when I added the other developer's machine to the same application, it did not work for him).  I'm assuming that is because this application is not shared and of course, he has his own named-user account.


My questions:  Is it better to:

1) leave it in my "My Content" and share the application with the other user(s) or

2) have the other user(s) run thru the process to create their own in the My Content.


So, as a best practice, should everyone have their own?  Should we have one per Division/group and share with that group?  I don't think we will have that many developers, but their is the potential since there are multiple disciplines here.


BTW - in the current situation, both of us are AGOL administrators.