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[Arcgis 10.2.1] Crash when opening a .mxd

Question asked by HugoLEPAGE on Jan 12, 2015
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I recently had a problem with Arcgis 10.2.1, when I try to open a map, the software crash without error windows...

I have created several maps last year with this version, but none of them could be open since last week.

As far as I remember, Arcgis worked in December and I haven't updated the software since, so I don't know why it's not working.


The software works as I can create a new map, save, close, and open the map again without problem. Only the "old" map cannot be opened... And I have like 40 maps I don't want to recreate...


I try to find something on internet, but none of the solution I tried worked. I'm waiting an installer of Arcgis to reinstall the software, with the hope it will help me.  But as I don't know when I will receive the installer, I'm asking the community some help !


I tried to use the MXD Doctor, but my maps seems corrupt as "No map documents parts can be recovered"...

But as I have done anything related to Arcgis or critical files of Windows, I'm totally lost and I don't know what could have corrupt my maps ?