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Annotation label alignment gets overridden (Override field)

Question asked by okachirski on Jan 12, 2015

I have a feature-linked annotation class that labels points. I have set horizontal alignment to left-align in Symbol Properties of the annotation symbol (save inside a geodatabase via ArcCatalog annotation properties). Also, label position is set to Northeast (I use Maplex). When I place a new feature on the map, the annotation label for it is right-aligned for some reason.


I can see the label properties (under annotation attributes) has Horizontal Alignment set to Right. If I change it, the label correctly aligns left. By that I mean the text inside the label alignment, not the position of the label.


I see also that when placed, the Override read-only attribute of an annotation is set to 2052. Looking at online help, 2052 = 2048 + 4 - the bytes that control word spacing and horizontal alignment respectively - they get overridden.


Question - what causes this override? I suspect this has to do with Maplex - but need to disable this.