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Raster Mosaic Dataset with Overviews: setting MinPS and MaxPS

Question asked by dhuhkosi on Jan 12, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2015 by dhuhkosi

Hello fellow ESRI Users.


Oracle 11.2, SDE 10.2.2, ArcMap 10.2.2


Recently, I have been experimenting with Raster Mosaic Datasets with Overviews and I am trying to understand the relationship between MINPS/MAXPS and scale. I have read the ESRI documentation:


Hopefully you can view the attached jpg.


Here the first two Images kgrs0001 and kgrs0002 are the original tifs - the rest being the Overviews generated by taking the Default Settings in the ESRI Tools.


Question 1: Is the MINPS and MAXPS calculated incorrect? I assume 0 - 20 would be better than 0 - 100? And I should use the "calculate cell size ranges" tool?

Question 2: Follow on from 1, in the MINPS and MAXPS columns there should be no overlaps of values i.e 0 - 20, 20 -40, 40 -80 etc - correct?

Question 3: I know the equation about calculating the cell size to scale when viewed in ArcMap. If in the attached example - if I zoom in with ArcMap to a scale of 1:1000 I assume I am viewing the original tifs - is there anyway of checking if I am using orginal tif or overview?

Question 4: if we only view the data at 1:1000 scale  - there is no need to build overviews?


Hopefully someone can help my understanding further.


Kind Regards