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Subtype ordering problems

Question asked by JamesPreston on Jan 11, 2015

Hi there, I had posted this over in the Collector forum, and was told that it is a known bug, but that perhaps someone over here may be able to help out. If anyone could shed any light on it, it would be much appreciated:


I just published a service with ~200 subtypes. The subtypes are species of trees, and have specific defaults and domains for cultivar, common name, origin etc based on the tree.


When I was testing early on, with only a dozen or so subtypes, I observed that when I published the service and used it in Collector that the subtypes retained the order in which I had created them. With so many subtypes I decided that I would create them in alphabetical order, to make searching for the correct one as simple as possible. But now that I have entered the entire list of subtypes, I have found that Collector is not ordering them as they were entered. I have a randomly sorted list now.


This is far from ideal with so many subtypes. Is there any way that I can force collector to adhere to a subtype order? Could this possibly be done via editing the schema XML? Any help/advice/ideas would be appreciated!




EDIT: On closer inspection, I have noticed somewhat of a pattern in the way the subtypes are ordered. I have numbered the subtype code from 1-196. In collector they appear to be grouped into blocks of ten, like so:













I am trying my best to identify some kind of pattern here, because I think that if I know the pattern then I can use the subtype code to force the order in Collector. Can anyone shed any light here?


EDIT 2: Okay, so I have discovered that I can reorder the subtypes in the AGOL map. There is a "manage" button underneath the subtype list while editing. This allows me to "move up" and "move down" the subtypes. This is going to take a long time, which is not ideal. Also if I ever had to re-publish the service I would have to do it all again this way. So finding out how the order is determined would be the best solution.