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Recommended method of monitoring ArcGIS Server Manager

Question asked by nocams on Jan 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2015 by nocams

We recently had an incident where with our Arc GIS Server 10.2 Farm where the windows service did not stop, but the ArcGIS Server logs were indicating all kinds of errors.


Unfortunately they were not added to any of the Windows logs and it wasn't until someone tried the service hours later did they even figure out something was wrong. Long story short as it sits we need to manually open the logs via something like notepad or through the manager console to get notified about errors.


What are looking for some methodology that we can be notified when an error event is recorded in the logs. If this recorded to a standard object like Windows logs then I could setup subscriptions, but as it sits I'm spinning here.


I looked through what documentation I could find and did some google searches, but didn't really find anything solid.


I'm assuming I'm not the only person who has tried to automate error notifications so I'm hoping someone can provide advise.