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Update on New System for Delivering Local Help Files?

Question asked by bixb0012 Champion on Jan 9, 2015

Working with installation help files the other day and ran into an old friend:



This issue has been around for at least a couple years, first with Chrome and now IE too.  I am beginning to believe Esri's definition of "under development" is different than mine, or at least our expectations of timelines differ considerably.  Anybody have news on when this new system will be available?


I know three workarounds are offered.  There wouldn't be three workarounds if any one of them was decent, and there are cases where all three combined don't work:

  • We have machines that are locked down with a standard image, it is IE or nothing, so this one is out.
  • Some of the machines don't have access to the internet, so this one is out too.
  • And finally, the "simple_format" folders only exist for 2 or 3 of the dozen plus products that are on the ArcGIS for Desktop installation media.  The ArcGIS for Server installation media does have more, but come on, way to go the extra mile.
  • Fourth workaround anyone?