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Seeking a solution to automatically download shapefile from the web

Question asked by shalpin44 on Jan 8, 2015
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Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a tool or method that would be an efficient solution for my need.

I need to be able to automatically download a shapefile from the usgs website when an earthquake (event) over magnitude 5 occurs in California.

The shapefile contains polygons of shaking intensity bands which will be fed into an internal workflow to perform further analysis.

I believe there are a few ways that this can be achieved (eg. custom python script and/or SSIS). My hope is there is a tool available that I'm not aware of

There is an rss feed from USGS which could be the trigger.  I have looked at ESRI GeoEvent processor but it doesn't have the ability to download that I can find.

I'm thinking of using SSIS to receive the rss data to an sql server table which can be searched for the region and magnitude but then I need a way to go to the event url and download a zipfile automatically.


I appreciate any advice or experience others may have with similar projects.