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LIDAR - I need a 'selectable' LAS Dataset

Question asked by chrisflory on Jan 8, 2015
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I have a few years GIS experience but this is my first time working with LIDAR data.


I don't need to be able to 'process' the data itself. I only intend to be the keeper of the data and enable people to request data from me in small batches. So I need a way of indexing the data.


So far I have used the 'Create LAS Dataset' tool which has given me a 'grid' showing the extend of the individual LAS files. Great!

However I am not able to select / export this layer.


I want to be able to drag a box around a 'search area' and obtain a list of the LAS files within.

This list would be used in a batch file which would select and package the selected files for distribution.


Can the LAS Dataset i have created be converted to a shape file? If not... how can I make the layer query-able?


I am aware of the multipoint tool and it has been suggested that this may hold the answer, but I do not have 3D analyst. So any solution must work with my Standard 10.1 license.


Any help appreicated!


Chris : )