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Exporting CityEngine Terrains to LumenRT

Question asked by alex_vasi on Jan 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2018 by NatanM

This question is sort of in relation to the "dynamically displaying buildings" thread:


In an effort to visualize a large scene, I exported it to LumenRT. But I converted the terrain to a mesh before exporting and so I have to manually align it to the buildings. There is a second option in the LumenRT documentation that I don't quite understand:


"To export a heightmap-based terrain, you must add a shape proxy and attach a LumenRT Terrain rule"


I don't understand this: what is a shape proxy and how do I make one? Attaching the LumenRT rule I think should be no problem.


This is the link to the article:


Also, has anyone worked with LumenRT together with Cityengine to share some knowledge? Were you able to export an ENTIRE scene to LumenRT (from terrain to houses, cars etc.)? I am running into small problems along the way (such as exporting a scene to LumenRT, saying it is successful or getting a random error and than nothing shows up in the target folder where I wanted to save it)