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'ApplyEdits' with one 'adds' fail when SQL server table have a FOREIGN KEY

Question asked by straatvark on Jan 7, 2015
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I have a REST (FeatureServer) service that I make an 'ApplyEdits' call to. It only succeeds if I remove an existing FK constraint on one of my columns.


When the FK is applied, the service request fail and supply a code 1060 and a "Rowbuffer creation failed." error. (In the logs available in the ArcGIS server administrator it becomes more clear what the internal SQL error was.)


Is there a work-around for that? Would be much appreciated.


Full scripts for my SQL tables attached.


Small snippet below:


-- Unless this FK constraint is removed, an ESRI Feature Service 'ApplyEdits' with the following 'adds' fail:
-- [{"geometry":{"x":97655.99152462519,"y":367271.9541849444,"spatialReference":{"wkid":29903,"latestWkid":29903}},"attributes":{"Label":"blablabla","SpecificFeatureTypeId":2,"PlanId":1}}]
ALTER TABLE [dbo].[PlanSpecificFeatures]  WITH CHECK ADD  CONSTRAINT [FK_PlanSpecificFeatures_SpecificFeatureType] FOREIGN KEY([SpecificFeatureTypeId])
REFERENCES [dbo].[SpecificFeatureType] ([SpecificFeatureTypeId])

ALTER TABLE [dbo].[PlanSpecificFeatures] CHECK CONSTRAINT [FK_PlanSpecificFeatures_SpecificFeatureType]