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Switching from AGSFeatureLayer to AGSFeatureTable

Question asked by bt_kdunaway on Jan 6, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2015 by DGoyal-esristaff

Hello all,


So I've been using AGSFeatureLayer along with AGSGraphic to add/edit/delete features from layers.


for(AGSGraphic *graphic in self.featureLayer)...


This has worked great, letting me cycle through the feature layer and find graphics I need/want to change.

Now that I have been working on getting the app to run offline, I found that I need to create a geodatabase with feature tables.

I created a geodatabase, a tpk file, etc.


When offline, I can load the layers from the geodatabase, they come in as AGSFeatureTables in geodatabase.featureTables.

Then I use AGSFeatureTableLayer to add them to the map.


My problem comes from AGSFeatureLayer has a graphics layer, while AGSFeatureTableLayer doesnt. 

When I need to get a feature, am I suppose to use the queryWithResults function on AGSFeatureTable everytime?


Thanks for any advice/help.