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GIS Online and Physical Science

Question asked by rdwsmith on Jan 4, 2015
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I teach 9th grade physical science, the class is split the year between chemistry and physics - both at the introductory level.  At this time I we do a tap water tour where the students test tap water from their homes.  Google forms are used to gather the data into a single .csv that is made available to the students to place on their maps.  The students use the tap water tour data, local soil type layer and any other layer they wish to add in order to analyze the results and make inferences relating the layers to the tap water tour results.


I hope/plan to do a "Who is Where in Science" or a "Science Around the World" story maps. - Any help, suggestions, ideas would be appreciated.


I am need of other ideas that will help integrate maps into the physical science classes that I teach.


Any help/ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.