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How to create a raster from some very large .xyz?

Question asked by SanderPaekivi on Jan 2, 2015
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I've recently been working with some large .xyz data, about 1,2 gb worth. So far i've managed to get the points into ArcMap with the "ASCII 3D to Feature Class" tool. With a fraction of the data, i managed to create a tin and then use the "Tin to Raster" tool and got good results. ArcMap even processed the entire area to a tin file, about 2,7 gb, but was unable to display it (error about lack of memory) and even use it for the "Tin to Raster" tool.
I have thought about manually splitting the .xyz file to smaller portions and go with the "Tin to Raster", but there are still some issues i need to work around.
Firstly, the coordinates are depth points for a sea area around a large coast. Because of this i need to add some-kind of coastline reference to ensure that all interpolation reaches 0 z-value at the coast.
Secondly, if i partition the .xyz data to smaller groups, i'm afraid of getting artifacts at the breaking lines, which would ruin the end product (after merging the raster).

So far, i've been unsuccessful at finding a solution online.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

All the best,
Sander Paekivi