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How to access DateModified for a raster dataset?

Question asked by lbross on Dec 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2015 by lbross

I need to retrieve the date modified for each feature class and raster in a file geodatabase. I have been able to accomplish this using the IDatasetFileStat interface for the feature classes using the methodology described here. However, I've been unable to find a raster class that implements the IDatasetFileStat. The documentation indicates that the RasterDataset should implement this interface but when I try to cast it, I get an InvalidCastException.


                    pGDS = BA_OpenRasterFromGDB(gdbPath, layerRasterList(i))  'My custom function that opens a raster and returns IGeodataset

                    If pGDS IsNot Nothing Then

                        pRasterBandCollection = CType(pGDS, IRasterBandCollection) 'Explicit cast

                        pRasterBand = pRasterBandCollection.Item(0)

                        Dim myTest As RasterDataset = pRasterBand.RasterDataset

                        pDFS = CType(myTest, IDatasetFileStat)     'Invalid cast exception occurs here

                        Dim intSeconds As Integer = pDFS.StatTime(esriDatasetFileStatTimeMode.esriDatasetFileStatTimeLastModification)


Any suggestions?