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Public facing Geoform, private data

Question asked by jposer on Dec 30, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2016 by Anjolette

Being new to Geoform and from a 10000 foot level perspective we are looking for a user side (map + form) solution to gather requests for service based on a physical location. Preliminarily the user submitted map location would only be used as a point of reference and discussion internally. The map location would present us with a common operating picture to follow up with the person who submitted the request and discuss it.


The two issues that we do not have a clear understanding are basically: 


1. How can the form allow the pubic to submit a request with out exposing all the other requests to other public users. For example the public facing map shouldn't expose all the other requests for service on it.

2. Is there a method to authenticate or otherwise deter false form submissions. We question if a public facing Geoform will create an situation where we will not be able to easily distinguish and follow up with valid submissions vs fake and false submissions.


Any thoughts?