add points to polygon

Discussion created by DCSlatunn on Sep 1, 2010
I am doing edits to lines that are to make up the points in a polygon.  Currently, I am converting the polygon to a pointcollection, converting the line to a pointcollection, and either replacepointcollection or addpointcollection to add the line.  The problem is that I am having to convert to curves and reverseorientation() a lot in order to get the points to match up in the right order.  Because I am doing this with a lot of lines...it is getting confusing.  IN ADDITION, it seems to be reversing my original line and REALLY messing things up.  I have to re-reverse in order to get things to work correctly. 

So, my question is...how can I add points without respect to order of the original lines??  Any way to maybe add the points and then do a re-order?  Use geometrybag intead?  Anything??