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Geocoder dijit bug at JS API 3.10+

Question asked by jay.gregory on Dec 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2015 by MDriscoll-esristaff

Hoping to get a response from Esri on a couple geocoder related problems:


The geocoder dijit starting at 3.10 (everything seems to work find at 3.9) doesn't send a query to a geocoding service if the input is in all caps until the user enters a space.  That is, it ignores the minCharacters property and just doesn't try to get a list of results from the geocoding service.  However, if the user input is in lowercase or camel case, minCharacters is honored and the dijit sends a request to the service at the appropriate time.  I have investigated this behavior with both ArcGIS World Geocoding service and a 10.2.2 custom Geocode Service.


Also, ArcGIS Geocode Service at 10.3 is much different than earlier versions (suggest query and magic keys and such).  I don't think version 3.12 of the API was written with 10.3 in mind, so all applications using the standard geocoder dijit will break if you upgrade to 10.3 (please see this post: ArcGIS 10.3 GeocodeServer and JS 3.12 Geocoder Widget. 

Any thoughts on that?