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How to return a FeatureClass or FeatureDataset from an SOE?

Question asked by shepa006 on Dec 24, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by limgeomatics_u2

I'm using arcobjects to build an SOE and need to return a feature collection. The examples that I've found online focus on returning a single geometry result in json format. Since my result will potentially have hundreds of features and I'll need the attributes as well as the geometry I'm wondering if there is a standard way of returning a FeatureClass. Ultimately this SOE will likely be used in a .NET Runtime application so I want to make sure that the results are easy to import into an application.


I will also have a couple of informational results to return, so I would like to set up the results something like:





Right now I'm thinking that I'll have to create JsonObjects for each result category and have each exist within a larger results JsonObject. If that is the case is there a recommended way to convert an entire FeatureClass to a JsonObject?