The GeoProcessor just keeps on creating "results", how to stop?

Discussion created by Hornbydd on Sep 1, 2010
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OK all,

Here is a tough one. I've written some VBA (because pythons method of spawning sub-processes meant my code was going to take 62 days...) and I've noticed the memory usage just keeps on creeping up.

At one point I use the geoprocessor to call the Select Tool to create a new shapefile containing 1 point (Which is then used as a pour point for catchment generation)

I create and set the geoprocessor as such:

Set pGP = New GeoProcessor
With pGP
     .OverwriteOutput = True
     .AddOutputsToMap = False
     .LogHistory = False
     .TemporaryMapLayers = True
End With

I call the tool as such:

query = Chr(34) & "ID" & Chr(34) & " = " & CStr(ID)
With pVA
    .Add pFeatureLayer_Sites.FeatureClass
    .Add "in_memory\tempSP"
    .Add query
End With
pStatusbar.Message(0) = "Extracting a single site to in_memory"
Set pGPR = pGP.Execute("Select", pVA, Nothing)
Set pFeatureClass = pGPUtils.OpenFeatureClassFromString(pGPR.GetOutput(0).GetAsText)
Set pGeoDataSetPP = pFeatureClass

I release the memory as such:

With pGPUtils
    .RemoveInternalLayer "tempSP"
End With

and I even kill off the geoprocessor within the loop as such:

Set pGP = Nothing

In Arcmap Tools > options:

Log geoprocessing is ticked off, results are temporary and results management is set to "Never Save"

So at all stages I say NO results, NO logging yet the Select tool still adds an entry in the ArcToolbox results Tab which overtime consumes memory. I need to run this tool a lot of times for a long time but I just can't make ArcMap not Log a result!

Any ideas, any undocumented tips or is this a bug?