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Portal and ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by rmcclain on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2014 by jparkinson-esristaff

I have recently created a Portal for ArcGIS and was looking to see if I could use ArcGIS Pro to publish to the portal. So I went in and opened Pro and then added the URL to my portal and signed in. However there are features (particularly 'Share as a Web Layer') that are greyed out and when hovering over it, it states: "This command is currently disabled. Must be signed into an ArcGIS organizational account that has either Publisher or Administrator privileges." I am an administrator for my Portal, and not sure is this just a thing only and not permitted in Portal, is this something that is being worked out or do I need to add licensing into my portal somehow to get it recognized as the licensing portal. Please let me know, THANK YOU!!