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Geodatabase initWithPath error

Question asked by bt_kdunaway on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2015 by Gagandeep_Singh-esristaff

When the app is online, I create and save a geodatabase to disk.

When I NSLog the path, it looks like this:




When I put the phone in airplane mode and start the app again, i check for an internet connection and if none try and load the geodatabase.


I use initWithPath.


AGSGDBGeodatabase *geo = [[AGSGDBGeodatabase alloc] initWithPath:geodatabasePath error:&error];


geodatabasePath comes from NSUserDefaults when the geodatabase is created.


I keep getting the error:

Error Domain=com.esri.arcgis.runtime.error Code=10003 
"Geodatbase at path '/var/mobile/Applications/4401076A-A1AA-4CFE-AF76-09FFDEE98B82/Documents/1300467805.geodatabase' not found." UserInfo=0x165a5d70 {NSLocalizedDescription=Geodatbase at path '/var/mobile/Applications/4401076A-A1AA-4CFE-AF76-09FFDEE98B82/Documents/1300467805.geodatabase' not found.}

Any ideas?