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very simple: how do i get "analysis" tool to run as a service?

Question asked by davidzornosa on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by davidzornosa

Hello, this happens with arcgis 10.2


  • "depts" , a geotable stored in oracle. polygon type.
  • in arccatalog i create a very simple model: the "select" tool (from analysis toolbox) is fed with "depts"
  • run model. "success". No warnings, no errors, no nasty stuff.
  • publish model as a service, analyze, everything's good.
  • go to rest page. submit job
  • check job details. A very cryptic "esriJobMessageTypeError: Failed." shows up

So, am i missing something here? is there a way to get, at least, more detailed info about the causes of the crashing, or are we doomed to perpetual obscurity when it comes to arcgis errors?

thanks for your help.