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What is offered by a Staging and not by a Concurrent use license?

Question asked by Reda20 on Dec 21, 2014
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A vendor is asking about a staging license for ArcGIS for Server 10.2 and we do have a concurrent use license currently.

The vendor is in the testing phase currently on an application.


Before investing on a staging license, we made a small research on the subject and this is the result :


Concurrent use

- An organization licenses the right to use for x number of users.

- Copy protection technology controls access to software.

Staging License

- Licensed per server.

- License fee is per Core.

- For Testing prior to commercial deployment.



The documentation above is overdated(2008)

I was wondering if I could find something more relevant to the software version(10.2) I am using.

I cannot find much documentation on the differences in order to decide if it is suitable to work with the concurrent use license or the staging.


Please advice accordingly.