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Side Panel Description Issue / Adding Basemap Carousel / Splash Screen to Swipe App.

Question asked by HudsonJasonMB on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by nengeesri-ca-esridist

Hello all:


I have a functioning 'Swipe' Story Map application illustrating the effective Flood Insurance Rate Maps and the Preliminary FIRMs.  I have done some basic customization (with some headaches given the structure of the .js files for these apps).  However, at the request of my boss, I have been asked to include a few more customizations.


1.  I've put together an incredibly simple help page for those that don't find the application intuitive.  It's based on the help page provided with other ESRI Local Government applications.  In the index.html file, the sidePanelDescription portion says it accepts valid HTML string.  In the side panel I would like to include a link to this help page however it does not accept basic html.  It kills the application.


I am neither a programmer or a web developer.  I've been reteaching myself basic CSS and JS on an as needed basis in order to deploy these applications.  That being said, I'm not quote sure what a 'valid html string' entails.


2.  The application's .js files, as I've previously mentioned, are just a single block of text.  I have parsed out / beautified the swipe-min.css file in order to easily make the aesthetic changes I've wanted to make but whenever I went through that process for the .js files, it kills the app.  I'd like to easily add a carousel or a flouting basemap selector to the application.  Out of the box, it only includes a topo basemap but I'd like to have the option to switch between that and an aerial.


3.  My boss had requested including a quick introductory splash screen.  Any easy way to do this?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!