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AGSTiledServiceLayer doesn't respect the min/max Scale set in Sublayers

Question asked by lguan77 on Dec 21, 2014

The problem actually existed for both Android and iOS, I will take iOS for e.g.


Let's say I have a own hosted Tiled Map Service, which do have two sub layers, and I would like to toggle the visibilities of that two layers by setting min/max Scale. The idea is, when user zooming the map around the set scale, we will need to switch between the two sub layers. For example, the scale is 25000.


But we found, the problem is, AGSTiledServiceLayer never respect that set scale, it only trigger the layer switch at around 36000.


We tried to publish that service in Dynamic Service with excatly same min/max scale setting, and it works with no flaw.


I am guessing, the reason might be Tiled Layer will be cached at client side, and it won't trigger the map image refresh unless a threshold has been reached. But this is only what I guessing, I cannot get any evidence from documentations.


And, the most important is, this is stopping us from implementing the requirements, since the layer won't switch at the set value. When we have one tiled service and one dynamic layer overlap on the map view, and we would like to switch the layers on both services at a scale, but they cannot do that at the same time because of this issue, the map will look very bad at some scale ranges.


Anyone has similiar issues?