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Will ArcGIS for android update Jackson Libs?

Question asked by dfmarulanda on Dec 18, 2014

im working with Retrofit to connect my application with my API. Retrofit is using Jackson 2+, and ESRI is using Jackson 1.95+ So, i cant figure out how to solve this.

I have an application using Google Maps. Im using retrofit to connect my android application with my REST server, so i can manage HTTP request, send and receive information from my server hosted in AWS. I want to add a module, so the user can decide if he wants to use GoogleMaps or his own map imported from ArcGIS Online.

First, I spent hours trying to import these to IDEA 14, I was getting DEX problem (Library Repeated), looking deeply i found that Retrofit was using a newer version of Jackson, and ESRI is using an older one, so, i erase the ESRI Jackson Library and it seems to Work, but when I run my app im getting a black screen on my MapView.
Any idea?