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Double Quote in Label Expression

Question asked by michaelneer on Dec 18, 2014
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Trying to get my label expression to work here.  The problem is some of my table

records have a double quote in it (" symbol).  I want to rename as such see example below:


(30" PVC Pipe Drain)  and rename it to (30 inch)


I use the following vbScript - but get nowhere:


Function FindLabel ( [NAME] )

If Not IsNull([NAME]) Then

NewStr = Replace([NAME], "30'' PVC Pipe Drain", "30 inch")

  FindLabel = NewStr

End If

End Function


  --- also I tried python and get nowhere:


def FindLabel ( [NAME] ):

  S = [NAME]

  S = S.replace( '30'' Drain, Vitreous Clay Pipe', '30 in')

  return S