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Need Help working with attachments (photos from the field) in ArcGIS Online and getting those photos local again

Question asked by mbaggett on Dec 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2014 by jrflannery

I have published a Feature Layer from ArcGIS Standard 10.2.2 to ArcGIS Online.  From there I created a Web Map and enabled attachments.   Next I performed field collection on a tablet using the Collector for ArcGIS App 10.2.7 build 1008.  Now I need to bring all of my field work back locally so I can join my field data back to the original data in my local File Geodatabase. 


In ArcGIS Online>My Content I selected the option to Open Data on ArcGIS Desktop from the small arrow beside my Feature Layer.  A file downloads to my local machine and I can launch that file which opens Arcgis Desktop with my field collected data in it.  I can use and see all of the attachments. 


Next I export one of the layers to the original local Geodatabase, so I can deliver to my client, but the exported data doesn't contain the attachments.  How do I download ArcGIS Online Data, for local use and keep all of the attachments I created while in the field?


Thanks for any information you can provide,