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ArcGIS to Autocad - scaling of block inserts

Question asked by housewren on Dec 18, 2014
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I'll preface this by saying that I don't know an awful lot about AutoCAD.  I have a couple of questions related to exporting to AutoCAD.

Here's my workflow, because it may have something to do with one of my questions.


I have Revit models for each of our campus buildings (someone else made them).  I export a model to AutoCAD.  I bring the AutoCAD drawing into ArcMAP and georeference it as best I can using an orthoimage of the our campus.  I assign the standard spatial reference we use to it.  Then I import some of the features into feature classes in a file geodatabase (e.g., walls, doors, windows, etc) to make a simple floorplan.  These features may be edited in ArcGIS to correct errors and reflect alterations made to the building.  This is used in the regular GIS activities, but we have some software that doesn't use GIS-formatted files; it uses .dwg.  We want to export data from GIS to AutoCAD to be used in this other software that uses .dwg files.


Problem 1:  I have used the Export to CAD tool, and it works well for simple Line entities, but I am having trouble with those features that had an entity type of "Insert" when imported from the CAD drawing.  I created a seed file from my original .dwg by deleting all the features in the drawing; as I understand it this leaves the block definitions in the CAD .dwg. (I'm not sure what else it might be leaving, and that might be part of my problem).  When I export my layers to CAD, all of the "Insert" features are at the wrong scale.  By trial and error, I can set the Scale X, Scale Y and Scale Z attributes in the feature class to values that are pretty close for the building I am working, but is there a way to determine what the correct scale value should be?  I cannot imagine having to find a close scale value for each different building by trial and error!


Problem 2: those who use the final output .dwg want the building to be oriented to the vertical and horizontal (not as it is positioned by georeferencing).  Any ideas how to make it straight?