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Reconcile Error

Question asked by HandsomePete on Dec 18, 2014
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Getting an error I don't understand.  Working with an SDE geodatabase in ArcMap.  Everything is at 10.2.1.  I bring in feature classes from a feature dataset using a user that is the data owner.  When I try to reconcile with the parent version, I get the following error:


The version could not be reconciled.  Insufficient permissions [geodatabasename.parentversion.featureclassname].  The workspace is not connected. 


The feature class named in the error is in a different feature dataset, and the user is the owner of that feature dataset too.  As far as I can tell, the permissions are set up the same on all feature classes.  Why is it freaking out about a feature class that I'm not even referencing?  What workspace do I need to connect to?  I can reconcile and post versions further down the hierarchy.


wtf sde?