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CityEngine performance expectations?

Question asked by BTLeslie on Dec 17, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2014 by matthiasBuehler

What should my expectations be of CE performance - I'm using 2014.1?


I have Windows XP x64 2003 SP2

Intel Xeon 2GHz 16GB RAM (24 cores)

NVidia Quadro K5000 (4GB)


I find that it copes ok with the graphical hard work - export models, generate, pan, zoom tend to work tolerably.

However things like crtl-A to select all can take a couple of minutes, as can accessing an attribute in the Inspector window (I just see a big black square where all the attribute should be until it refreshes).  I'm currently trying at export 3500 shapes to a shapefile and I've been waiting 35min so far.....still waiting....nearly finished.


I've had problems before with other things in CE but they seem to have been fixed with a change to my network profile, so I'm not sure if this slowness is my machine or CE.