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AGO Open Data download issues

Question asked by cboland on Dec 16, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by DFenton-esristaff

Since the new update this morning, i've been testing my develpment site out and I've come up with a few issues:

  1. When trying to download one dataset "Something went wrong with the server.  Please try again or report this issue to the team." (Dataset | FWC GIS & Mapping Data Downloads )
  2. While trying to download another large dataset, which I know has been a problem in the past, I only get 1000 of the 2328 records returned in my downloaded dataset (Dataset | FWC GIS & Mapping Data Downloads).  I think this is because I tried to download this dataset before the most recent update and maybe the zipped shapefile was cached on ESRI's server with the max number of features returned by the server, but there's no instruction on how to clear that cached zip file.
  3. When downloading a zipped shapefile for a large dataset, the GUI doesn't give you an option of where to save the dataset.  So, if it is a long download like this dataset (Dataset | FWC GIS & Mapping Data Downloads), you have to wait until the large data download is complete before you can save it anywhere, and you might miss the prompt that shows up breifly at the bottom of the browser window.


Any suggestions would be helpful,

Chris Boland