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AGSRuntimeSDKiOSv10.2 + SDK do not work if deployment target is ios6.

Question asked by suppriya on Dec 15, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2014 by suppriya

iPad app.


i downloaded recent SDK AGSRuntimeSDKiOSv10.2.4 and notice that it not building on my app since my deployment target is ios6.

i then check almost all version of AGS SDK from AGSRuntimeSDKiOSv10.2 and above , from version 2.2 we can not used AGS SDK if deployment target is IOS6...


(Above SDK not building as it uses API from ios 7 onwards so it fails if deployment target is IOS6)


AGSRuntimeSDKiOSv10.1.1 crash on ios6 as deployment target , work well on latest ios8.


what need to be done......