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How can i use the ArcGIS WebApp-Builder

Question asked by Landratsamt_Roth on Dec 15, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2014 by jun_wu_1776

Dear ESRI - Community,


i am using the ESRI ArcGIS-Software since 2006 and the Flex Viewer for ArcGIS since the last few months. Now i want to use the WebApp Builder to builed and publish maps for our organization and to share it with the public. I read alot about the new WebApp Builder and also saw a live demonstration during a ESRI User Conference held in germany. It looked so simple.....


The problem we have - where do we find the WebApp Builder platform - the site where you can create your applications and which settings or further user-accounts (named users) must be created. We log in with ourn account (organizational account) via


After log in we see our log in name in the upper right corner. There we can go to "MyEsri". Within the "MyEsri" Section there is a tab called "Own Organization". If we choose this chapter we can see details about licensing etc. Within this licencing tab there is a section "WebGIS". If we choose the section "WebGIS" there is this "Named User Management" and within a table are some information to our product:


1st. row: ArcGIS for Server Workgroup Standard with Date and Available. Second row: EndDate. Third row: Available: 5 (5 What?). In the last is written "allocate". Presently there is a 0. What does this WebGis section mean? What happens if we press Generate Authorization (Authorization for whom?)


If we try to enter the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | ArcGIS  the login name automatically changes to "user" and a tutorial page about the Web AppBuilder will open.

Is there another login required to finally use the Web AppBuilder? Also is there a link where i can see if we have permission to use the Web AppBuilder? There is alot of confusion and open question when trying to use the Web AppBuilder. Is there a correlation between this WebGIS Tab with the Named User Management and the authorization of using the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS?


I hope someone can help me and clearify the fog. I am owerwhelmed by the varity of ESRI´s websites.


Hope to get some feedback soon,


thanks in advance,