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Suggestions for spatial analysis

Question asked by on Dec 13, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by lscott-esristaff

What statistical tools would be good for visual representation of non-numeric data? For example, I have data different crimes committed throughout the City of Boston. What would be good ways to represent different types of crimes committed in each neighborhood with spatial statistics, spatial analyst or geostatistics tools?


I've done a density analysis, showing crimes per 1,000 residents and crimes per square mile. I've also done a point density raster, and have show the mean center of all crimes. These aren't quite satisfying, though. I'm looking for something more.


A big problem is that a lot of the statistical tools want to use attribute data that is numerical. I could theoretically apply a number to each type of crime, say 1 for burglaries, 2 for arson, etc., but this is all made up. There is no inherent numerical value to any given type of crime.


So I appreciate any thoughts you all have.