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City Engine Terrain and Texture File Issue

Question asked by cogdill85 on Dec 12, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by cogdill85

I am currently testing out City Engine and have ran across several problems.


The guide and help documentation is not very thorough so most of my issues have been solved through trail and error.


Currently I am trying to import the terrain (Heightmap file) and texture files using a .tif. This is an acceptable file, but it will not load (I don't even receive an error message). However when I load both the terrain and texture files as a .jpg for a different location, it works.


The examples in the help menu have a .tif as the heightmap file and a .jpg as the texture file, but I'm confused on what is an acceptable format.


Has anyone run across this issue? I realize this is a relatively new product...


Does the texture file need to be a .jpg? Do I need to have the terrain file as one format and the texture file in another format?