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ArcGIS for Server 10.3 Creating Server Directories in Unassigned Drive

Question asked by dkav on Dec 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2015 by dcoley

ArcGIS for Server 10.3 is creating a \arcgisserver\directories folder on our C: drive even though all our ArcGIS for Server Directories are set to the D: drive. If I delete it I find that it reappears in a few seconds. When I first installed 10.3 the \arcgisserver\directories\arcgissystem\statistics folder was in the C: drive. I also noticed that when I started the Search service the \arcgisserver\directories\arcgisjobs\utilities\search_indexer_gpserver was created in the C: drive.  I have changed Server Directories back and forth, rebooted, and searched registry and directory for "C:\arcgisserver" but was still unable to resolve the issue.