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Can't update schematic diagram

Question asked by dlehrke on Dec 12, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2015 by RAnderson-esristaff

I can edit schematic diagram and save my changes just fine, but when I try to synchronize my diagram with the source features it runs through the builder but gets caught at the 'saving diagram' screen.


On one specific diagram it gets caught while running a 2nd pass of my only rule which is just a standard reducing 0 and 2 connection nodes rule.  Not sure if it matters but this is the only instance I've ever seen of a 2nd pass being processed.


In nearly identical fashion to the almost same issue I had posted about being unable to save schematic changes, it looks like the diagrams are SOMETIMES getting updated, but it still requires me to kill the program - reopen it - and unlock my diagram each time I synchronize my diagram.  What is causing this issue?


I need to be able to properly update these diagrams otherwise schematic serves no function.