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How to disable a customer widget?

Question asked by hanluyi2014 on Dec 12, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by cornet.magis

Hi everyone,


I am very new to web application builder, and I am working on building new customer widgets on web application builder.

I have some questions about it, and hope someone could help me.


1. How to disable a customer widget?

For example. I created a widget, after opening it (maybe startup), it will have the function that every time when I click on the map, it will add a new marker on the map point, and center the extent of the map with that marker (the actual widget has more functions than this).

But when I close the widget, I want everything to go back to the default situation, which means do nothing when clicking or dragging the map.

What should I write on the onClose function? destroy the widget?


2. How to disable the widget window?

I want to have a widget which only has the icon button to open and close the widget, or even to be invisible.

The problem is that every time when the widget starts up, the blank window shows up (because I don't need any html code).

What can I do to hide the window of the widget?



Thank you very much!