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Syncing and photo attachments.

Question asked by JamesPreston on Dec 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2015 by JamesPreston

I have a dataset with photo attachments enabled, published as a service, hosted on our organistaion AGOL server, and published in a map. Using the map on my device in Collector I can collect some data points, with photos attached. I can then sync that data. If another user wants to collect data, they can then use their device to download the map. At this point I have noticed that the user also downloads the associated attachments.


When there are only a few attachments, this is not a problem. Although once several dozen attachments are present, it slows the download considerably. This dataset will contain upwards of several thousand attachments as it grows, and I am concerned that new users will be spending a long time downloading the map.I am also concerned that we could possibly run into errors with large downloads. Also there could be storage capacity issues on our devices.


Are attachments completely part and parcel with the services? Is there any way to disable the attachments downloading with the service/map? If not, is there any way to mitigate any of my concerns I have outlined above?


One solution that I have considered is to regularly download the data in a file geodatabase, strip out the attachments and re-create the service with an empty attachment relationship. This is not ideal, as I am having to do far more data management than I would like.