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WAB distribution and deployment guidance

Question asked by fairjon on Dec 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2015 by fairjon

Esri friends,


We are an Esri partner that is beginning to invest in WAB, but lack clarity how the WAB widgets and apps we create will be distributed to our customers.  There have been a couple of posts including the following related to this topic:


How to export and download a WAB template for hosting in Portal?

How to Export created application?


It seems the two main deployment approaches are:


  1. Create apps in AGOL/Portal, in which case it seems we can export the apps (per, but cannot include our custom widgets nor redistribute the exported app to our customers' AGOL/Portal organization.
  2. Create apps and widgets in WAB of Developer, in which case we can include custom widgets and redistribute the apps or widgets by installing files on customers' web servers, but still cannot share the apps or widgets with our customers' AGOL/Portal organization.
I'm still seeking authoritative guidance from Esri on the deployment options in the WAB world.  Please tell us how we can meet our product distribution requirements:
  1. We can create custom apps and widgets specific to our business domain.
  2. Our apps and widgets can be deployed to our customers' web servers and configured for their web map and other config settings.
  3. Our apps and widgets can be shared with our customers via AGOL/Portal and configured for their web map and other config settings.





Julie Powell