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.Net SDK show all points that are active in time extent

Question asked by Zelxin705 on Dec 5, 2014
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I previously asked Do graphics layers support the time extent property on the mapview. If so, how do i define the individual graphics time extent, or start/end.

The response works for me to an extent however I still cannot get quite the same results I was getting with the WPF SDK.



I have the time extent on my MapView bound to a TimeExtent that changes on a timer.

The extent is a range of 5 minutes and most of the points on the map have a start/end time 30 minutes apart.


My issue is that the points only appearing when the extent is around the start time. The points disappear before the extent reaches the end time.


My guess is that I'm assuming the wrong thing about the way the Start/End time on the graphic and the TimeExtent on the MapView interact.


What I need is for it to display any graphic that has a start time before the extent start and a end time after the start of the extent.


Is there some way to adjust this?