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Classic Viewer Font

Question asked by pts3 on Dec 7, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2014 by pts3

I've noticed that since the old "Basic Viewer" application was renamed as "Classic Viewer" the title in Chrome defaults to a very cartoonish font. I've cleared browsing cache and checked on a couple of different PCs - IE and Firefox retain the original font, but in Chrome it's gone ridiculous. I was able to change the font displayed with an html tag in the configuration page, but then the browsing tab includes that html as part of the title, which doesn't look nice. I know there are a lot of existing maps out there that still use this template, and the Chrome users must be scratching their heads. The new Basic Viewer is nice, but it really does not have the look and feel that it wants to be taken seriously, so I think there are many cases the Classic still does nicely. Any thoughts? Am I completely missing something here?


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