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Is there a way to have dynamic symbology based on extent?

Question asked by jgalef on Dec 4, 2014


    I want to know if I can have my color gradient change based on how far I am zoomed in.  E.g., let's say I have a DEM of a large area that includes flat lowlands and mountains.  The color gradient will be large based on this these extremes.  Now, let's say I zoom into a small area on the relatively flat lowlands.  The color of the DEM will all be the same, since the gradient is small in this area.  This, of course, isn't very helpful in seeing the subtle changes in elevation, or relatively abrupt ones, from objects such as levees.

   Thus far, I have to extract the area I'm interested in and make a new raster.  This isn't very efficient time-wise, or data-wise.  Does anyone know of a way to fix this problem?  The LP360 LiDAR extension automatically does this for .LAS data, and it is very helpful.


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