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Topographic profiles with the highest slope

Question asked by sylvain_hydretudes on Dec 4, 2014
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Hi everybody,


First, sorry for my english, it's not perfect and i'll try to do my best here


I'm actually working on a project in Madagascar and i have a lot of work do to with rockslide. Some place might be concern by this phenom and i'd like to work on Arcgis to calculate the propagation of blocks from a cliff in my area.


The idea is "simple" and i've done it (in the past) on Mapinfo using topographic profile (with a raster) and then priting the profile and working on it. I'd  like to do this on Arcgis with the software if it's possible.


I have a DTM and a raster with the slopes of my area. I have some cliffs (materialized by a polylign for example) and i'll like to draw a topographic profile in the highest slope. This is relatively easy i think as there is a tool in arcmap to draw this directly.


BUT, i'd like to draw a profile who start from the cliff, and with a certain angle (°). The angle is from an imaginary horizontal line at the top of the cliff. I would like to know where the line (from the top of the cliff) intersect the ground.


An image is better to illustrate (see bellow).



Drawing the topographic profile with the highest slope is possible for sure (even if i'm not sure how arcgis draw this profil)...

This procedure is doable is Arcscène (in 3D) also and it might help me to work with that.


Maybe it's possible. If someone have any leeds, clues, that'd be great


I would really much appreciate some help here


Have a nice evening