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Relationship classes and offline editing

Question asked by WarrenMedernach on Dec 5, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2015 by WarrenMedernach

Hello all,


I have a feature class and SQL Server table that I'm trying to relate and make available for offline editing.  I was able to successfully get attachments to a feature working, but I'm having some issues trying to get this to function with my SQL table and I'm assuming it is a schema, primary key issue.


From what I've read on relationship classes and preparing data for offline, layers that participate in a relationship must be related using a Global ID field as the primary key.  So that said, how can this be accomplished if my data is structured such that I have a point feature class with a point 'name' field that is alpha-numeric, and this field is related to a SQL Server table (1:M) with the same alpha-numeric 'name' field?


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Warren M